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Cocktail Syrup
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Caramel is a universally popular dessert component, made by melting down sugar to create a deliciously sweet, smokey substance. It is enjoyed in many classic desserts such as creme brulee, nougats and even in ice creams around the world.

Not only is caramel a tasty dessert, it is also a great addition to a whole host of hot and cold drinks. Thanks to Simply Caramel Syrup, it couldnt be easier to get in on the caramel craze!

Suitable for: Caramel is by far one of the most popular coffee flavourings out there - this flavour combination and withstood the test of time to make itself into a classic.

Hot chocolate is another beverage that can benefit from a dash of caramel syrup, adding a layer of sophistication to the already delicious chocolatey flavour. If you want to get creative, then Simply Caramel Syrup is perfect for experimenting with cocktail recipes that could use a sweet kick.


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