Tipsy Toad London Dry Gin 37.5%

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Tipsy Toad
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Itís said that the Major would drink gin and tonics at breakfast, whilst on his stay in India, to keep the mosquitos at bay. The gin that was offered to him then became re-distilled with added juniper, coriander seed and a few home touches of liquorice and lavender.

Tipsy Toad have found the Majorís recipe and method, and from that have created the Tipsy Toad London Dry Gin

Tasting Notes

The gin is juniper led, with a citrus twist from grapefruit and bitter orange, as well as having a few subtle exotic spices from cubebs and grains of paradise interwoven with Borage and Lavender. The result is an aromatic London Dry which is slightly spicy but with hints of an English garden too.

Serve over ice with a slice of orange.



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Tipsy Toad spirits are based on the work of Major Farquhar St John Smythe; an eccentric character who had a military career and lots of experience travelling. It is said that he joined a secret band of craft distillers in the mid 1800s, and had illicit ways of distributing his spirits in the area.

Tipsy Toad